Repairing vs. Buying New – The Secret Formula

Recently, Angie’s List had a helpful post about when to replace or repair a broken appliance in the home.  There were many good points to consider, and you can read them here. While the story covered home appliances, the same basic principles can be applied to home technology as well.  If your computer, printer, tablet, or internet is having a problem, do you call someone to fix it or do you wait until Black Friday and buy new? Here is our adapted rule for technology: 

The Latest Computer Scam

Recently in south/central Indiana, we have been receiving phone calls from a company claiming to be Windows Support.  They tell the person that answers the phone a few generic lines that sound real to gain their trust, such as: “We can see your computer at the address 109.12.68.blah blah blah, (because most people don’t know what this means), and we’ve noticed you have a virus/ corrupted system/ infection.” “We need you to get to your computer and type in this special address so that we can safely remove it.” Most of the time, the…