Pro-Clean & Speed-Boost

This is the overall best solution for regular computer care.  In addition to making your computer run faster, we will PHYSICALLY clean the inside of the machine!  Most parts that fail over time fail because of overheating and lack of maintenance.  We can prevent dust, pet dander, allergens, and hairs from getting in too deep and destroying your work, entertainment, and memories.

What we’ll do:

  • Scan for and remove malicious software
  • Remove unused registry entries
  • Tell unwanted or trial programs not to start when you turn on your computer
  • Delete unwanted programs
  • Remove the side panels and components (mice, keyboard, etc.)
  • Vacuum large spaces
  • Remove dust from hard to reach, delicate spaces (motherboard, hard drive, fans, power supply, etc.)
  • Securely reassemble computer and peripherals together

Average time: 45 minutes