Serving Boomers and Seniors with Integrity and Courtesy

 We come to your home or small business!


For as little as $40, Thriftech provides basic computer, printer, tablet, and wireless services for boomers and seniors.  We've helped our customers by showing them where their power button is, how to use email, and replacing bad hardware.  There is no problem or question that is too small or too big.

We do not currently service Apple products, smart phones, or replace screens on tablets.

Discover who we are and view our services.  Thriftech promises to treat you with respect and courtesy, while using plain English and not trying to sell you anything.  Let us show you what honest tech service looks like in Columbus, Indiana.

Have you ever wondered why the people who take your computer to fix it can’t actually tell you what was wrong with it?  Or have they ever actually told you what they did to fix it?  Here’s a secret: most of the time, they don’t know!  Your computer is put on a bench, plugged into the internet, and a guy in Chicago, India, or who knows where gets inside and runs a few programs to “clean” it.  Then they install some “helpful” programs that only make things worse so you have to come back and hopefully get frustrated enough to buy a new computer, with a “protection plan” of course for 1/3 the price of the computer!

Thriftech is the thrifty solution to help “regular people” in the Columbus, Indiana area increase the life of their older computers and keep them running quickly by cleaning and repairing minor issues without spending lots of money for products and services that aren’t necessary.  You don’t have to buy a new computer every 2 or 3 years!  This is the biggest myth perpetuated by the big name tech companies.

Let us come to you to clean (yes physically clean!) and speed up your system.

If you’ve been looking for computer repair services in or close to Columbus, IN, look no further!  Thriftech is the only computer repair, service, and sales team you need to contact!

Take a look at our services or book an appointment for us to come to your home or business now!