Used Donations


At the heart of our values lies a desire to place technology in the hands of those who need it to compete, learn, and stay connected in this new, quickly growing technological culture.  Without a computer it can be hard to find a job or keep from falling behind other students in school.

By donating your used computers, monitors, and accessories, you can help us provide solutions to these people and families who desperately need it, and also give other people a chance to find computers, parts, and accessories in our thrift store from the donations that you no longer use.

To make a financial donation, click the PayPal button below!

While there may be other places nearby that will take your old gear, Thriftech uses less manpower and money to put together a full Linux based system that can be donated back to the community, or sold as pieces as a part of our thrift store.  Linux is a completely free operating system, thereby removing the need to pay an additional $100 per computer for Windows, or make sure the machines are new enough to donate and use the latest versions.  Your older computers will last longer through Thriftech!

For more questions about donations or to schedule a pick-up, contact us here.

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